Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Little bitch politicans

I was a long time resident of Vaughan, Ontario (Woodbridge to be precise! Yeah there's a lot one can say but hey I'm proud of where I grew up)

But Vaughan's former Mayor Michael Di Biase is being a little bitch. You see he was defeated by Linda Jackson by 90 votes and he's all re-count re-count. Citing problems with 4 voting machines but: "( Despite paper jams in four electronic vote tabulating machines on election day in Vaughan, no votes were lost, city clerk and returning officer John Leach told The Citizen yesterday.
The affected machines were replaced and an audit trail of each ballot cast has allowed the city to keep tabs on how many votes were marked in support of each candidate, Mr. Leach said." Vaughan Citizen.

So why is Di Biase causing such a fuss, because some people just can't be gracious in the face of defeat; which in my belief makes them a little bitch

* A side note** When Di Biase was mayor he was a bitch to a dear friend of mine and refused to answer a question she had in a form where he was to take question. No love lost from me Mr. Di Biase (former mayor and current bitch of the city of Vaughan)


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