Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vito and Shame in LA

So I'm performing in Los Angeles at the LA comedy festival.
If you live in LA or know someone who is tell them to check out my show as Vito Cazzolungo or in sketch as Shame Is Right!
my show dates are
Tues May 6th at 9:30pm
Fri May 9th at 9:30pm
and May 10th at 9:30 in Shame Is Right!
and May 11th at 8:30 in Shame Is Right!
for more info
go to

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog Difribulation

I’m back to blogging. It would seem that myspace killed my blog and months later facebook killed my myspace. But I am resurrecting my blog in order to keep people who care abreast of my travels in the Caribbean. As many of you already know I was hired by The Second City to work on a cruise ship which goes from NYC to the Bahamas and then a week later goes to Bermuda and the Virgin Islands. In the fall the route changes but more on that to come.
As luck would have it I am also traveling with my girlfriend who is also a performer and we have a really great contract, so hats off to those at 2nd city who arranged it because it really is a great gig! Our director is great and did a very family friendly best of show for the passengers who love it and we get many compliments from them when the see us on the ship. I will endevour to update this blog every other day with my goings on. More to come later, now I must watch us leave NYC and pass The Statue of Liberty on our journey to the Bermuda Triangle.

Friday, February 16, 2007

20th Fox closes down my buddies show! cease-and-desist

‘Swiss Family Guy Robinson’ has been shut down by the 20th Century Fox legal department. The network contends the one-man comedy stage production, which has played to critical and audience fanfare since premiering in July 2006, violates their intellectual property.
And all I can say is SHAME.

My friends:
Brian Froud, and Steven and Daniel Shehori, are the guys behind the production of the ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ where Brian uses impressions of nearly 30 characters.

Chris Alexander, vice president of Media Relations for Fox Television, issued the following statement to the Toronto Star, detailing Fox legal department’s recent decision:

"When we learned that this production had made unauthorized use of the Family Guy characters and material, we asked that the producers cease and desist and they have complied. Protecting our intellectual property and copyrights is something we take very seriously at Twentieth Century Fox Television."

Now here is the shitty part, they never saw the tape of this show, even though the Shehori's kept trying to contact the powers that be at FOX.

The decision was made despite the fact that a similar production named ‘MacHomer’ has been playing to audiences worldwide for 10 years – all with Fox’s approval. ‘MacHomer’ showcases the talents of Canadian Rick Miller, who tells the story of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ using voices and characters from Fox’s ‘The Simpsons’. When asked by the Toronto Star why ‘MacHomer’ was given Fox’s blessing, yet ‘Swiss Family Guy Robinson’ received a ‘cease-and-desist’, Chris Alexander refused to comment.

OK so the only thing that you can do is sign an online petition to Fox. I mean it was the Fans of Family Guy who saved it from its dimise, maybe fans of Swiss Family Guy Robinson can do the same.

Here is where you go to sign the petition: click here

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Look what is brewing

More info to come
last month it SOLD OUT
so buy your tickets early
go to
or cal 416.971.5656

Friday, January 12, 2007

Check out my show!!! Tomorrow Night!

My Cabaret show is tomorrow night!
It'll be bawdy and crazy and a whole lot of fun!
We have comedy, music and prizes. Some come on down and check it out!

Vito Cazzolungo’s Lucky 13 Cabaret
When: Saturday January 13, 2007
Where: The Diesel Playhouse, 56 Blue Jays Way
Time: 10pm
Price: $10
Tickets: 416.971.5656 or

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Touched by someone I didn't even know"

Many people may have already heard about the murder of Helen Hill. Although I never met her (or her husband Paul Gailiunas both of whom where shot) she happend to be a good friend of someone I care about. The more I read and hear about her the more I am saddened by the fact I never will get to meet this wonderful person, artist and mother. While any act of violence like this, is not only outrageous and useless and obvioulsy commited by the most cowardly of people.

I do not want to dwell on the violence as everything I read and come to know about Helen is about peace and love.
I will say that the world was a better place because of Helen Hill and for all her work and love, to her I say Thank you.
My thoughts are with her family and friends and her husband Paul and son Francis.

"All the darkeness in the world cannot extinguish the light of just one candle."

For more info on Helen Hill please click here

Monday, December 11, 2006

Keep it Green all year

I'll be the first to admit that the environment isn't the first thing I think of in my daily activities, although I do try to be as environmentally friendly as I can. After a bit of emailfest with some friends, I've decided to post some simple ways that we can all help make a better impact on the environment in our everyday life. I want to thank Melaine, who was the one who offered these simple tips:

1. Turn down your thermostat (or up depending on the season) I will admit that trying to program the programable thermostate I have takes a degree in binary science, but I will do a better job at it.
2. Seal your windows.
3. Wash your clothes in Cold Water
4. Use compact fluorescent or LED lights. I have changed a few bulbs in my house to those flourescent curly ones, now the light that comes off them takes a little getting used to but even if you just change 4 or 5 random bulb especially and this goes out to my neighbour Wallace the outside light that we often leave on all night...very wise one to change
5. Run your dishwasher/washer/dryer at night out of peaktime. This I can gladly say I do almost all of the time, and it's a nice background noise when you are watching that distracting "Deal or No Deal."
6. Unplug unused appliances - they suck phantom power even when not in use. I had no idea my toaster was such a little energy bitch this will be taken care of immediately.
7. Walk/bike/ttc more, drive less. I'll admit this is more of a seasonal thing if the weather is nice I'll walk or bike, but I'm gonna try to do mre of this even when the weather's a bit crappy
and lastly....
Make sure that your tire pressure is correct can reduce the amount of gas your car burns

All I ask is you try to do one or two of those above and the best part is you will feel better too!
For more helpful information please visit this site:
click here

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