Sunday, November 27, 2005

Computer etiquette

So if you don't already know this I'm trying to inform as many people as I can.
When you send a mass email to all your friends, collegues or people you know.
Make certain that you Bcc them not CC them or put them in the To: slot. For those of you who aren't computer savvy let me clarify it.
Sometimes you need to send a mass email, we all hate getting them, but we know they are necessary evils.
This is how not to piss anyone off.
When you write this email only put your email address in the To: slot. And then put all your other friends in the Bcc: meaning Blind Carbon Copy slot; which is located under the Cc: slot (or Carbon Copied slot). In doing so you will not reveal everyone's email address to everyone else. Thus in doing so we will not get some rancid fucken chain letter or there is a boy in Bangor, Maine who is dying and wants to send an email around the fucken world email from your crazy or religious or superstious friend that you haven't seen since grade fucken 9.
Thank you.

Friday, November 25, 2005


OK I know I know,
since I've been back from Europe, I have not been blogging.
You come home and you become a lazy bastard.
There are many things I want to bitch about seeing as those are the things I like to blog about most. However I will try to also have a few positive posts as I dont want the world to know how bitter I really am.

Here are some thoughts:

- Do something nice for someone for fuck sakes. open a door, let them cut in on the road etc....why? to show the world you're not really as big a prick as you are.

-Don't make the homeless invisible, I'm not saying give them a coin, if you are cheap you are cheap, but at least acknowlegde them if they ask you for something, a simple "sorry" will do just fine, you'll be suprized how many tell you to have a nice day. And if you're a cock or a bitch or a cock bitch you are probably going to tell them to "get a job" yeah I've got 2 degrees and I can't get one, so on behalf of the homeless and unemployeed, "please go fuck yourself".

-email or talk to someone you haven't spoken with in a while. just because.

- smile, and enjoy the day.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Daily Show

I just need to say that Jon Stewart's Daily Show is great.
Samantha Bee is fan-fucken-tastic.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dundas Square is shit

Dundas square is the concrete eye sore in the heart of Toronto. What the fuck city planners were thinking when they developed that is beyond me. Perhaps I am biased because I was in Italy for the last few months but you know when they make piazza's over there, the look at form, function, style and asthetic beauty. It seems here in Toronto they just go for how much concrete they can pour. Oh and the 9 videotrons they have all around the Square, well if they were trying to make an ugly homage to Blade Runner they succeeded.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Give a little bit

Yeah Yeah the birth of Christ; but every kid knows that Christmas is about toys. And in our heart of hearts we all cursed our great aunts who gave us socks wrapped in giant boxes at Christmas!

Every Year a dear friend of mine gets involved with a very special Charity.
It is called The Chum City Christmas Wish this organization provides gifts for needy children at Christmas. So all of us who grew up with a heap of gifts under and around the tree, pay attention!

What can you do?
EASY buy a ticket to:
The Chum City Christmas Wish Fundraising Party
When: Saturday November 19th
Where: The Rosewater Supper Club (19 Toronto St.) tel:416.214.5888
Time: 9:30pm to 2:00am
How much: $15 cash donation, or New unwrapped toys, New Clothing, Non-perishable food.
It is pretty easy to make a child's christmas a little brighter, so friends do what you can.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sick and Gross

It has been 6 days that I have had this horrible cold I can't seem to shake, I'm coughing up plegm balls like it's going out of a style, pleasant thought I know. I was performing with someone yesterday and I coughed one up in the middle of the scene in this class that Improv Guru Mick Napier (the best teacher I have EVER had) was teaching, and in the middle of the scene I had to swallow that sucker like it was a freshly shucked oyster. YES, I know it is gross, but you aren't the one who had to swallow it. Regardless, what is the proper etiquiette for horking up a ball of lung snot? What does one do when in a public place, do you spit it in a hanky? How does one excuse themeselves with this in their mouth? There's a question for Ann Landers, or whichever one of those broads who talk a big game on good manners.

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