Friday, August 27, 2004

Tell 'em out in Halifax!

I will be performing my one-man show
Ladies and Gentlemen...Vito Cazzolungo in Halifax, Nova Scotia from Sept 3rd-12th

If you know someone who is out there and enjoys subversive, controversial, obscene humour, or is politically astute or just like to laugh, sent them to see the show. Details below:

Ladies and Gentlemen...Vito Cazzolungo
starring: marco timpano
Neptune Theatre -Imperial Room
cost: a measly $6
Fri Sept 3rd - 6pm
Sat Sept 4th - 10:30pm
Sun Sept 5th - 2:30pm

Mon Sept 6th - 9:45pm
Fri Sept 10th - 6pm
Sat Sept 11th - 4pm
Sun Sept 12 - 7:30pm

Box office 902.429.7070 or 1.800.565.000 Keep checking this blog for word on my travels and experience out EAST!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

COCK-SLAP of the Month! -August

We have a surprise winner this month, The COCK-SLAP of the Month is Rona Maynard our first woman to win this title. Rona in case you don't know is the editor of Chatelaine Magazine and her wrinkled smiling puss is on the inside cover.

I have come to know that a big fan of the magazine, recognized the aged Rona in a restaurant. When this fan went up to Rona to tell her what a great magazine it is and how much this person enjoys it. Rona became a COCK-SLAP! Rona responded by dismissing the person who has a subscription to Chatelaine.

Way to go Rona!! alienate your readers, by acting like a bitch when they complement you and your magazine. Now I would imagine an editor of a magazine would be a little more, what's the word; yeah savvy and less ignorant to fans of her publication. After all these are the people who fork over the cash to buy the mag, and thus get advertisers interested in paying for space and thus --Rona pay attention-- thats how you get your paycheck.

Anyone who has any job is in the public eye has the --Rona pay attention-- responsibility to be gracious when the public complements you or your company. It doesn't matter if you are an actor, a singer, an athlete, a politician or a fucken editor of a magazine. If you don't like attention get out of that profession!

For being a bitch to your fans Rona Maynard you are the Cock-Slap for August Congratulations!

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Quick message to everyone who came out and saw: Vito and Friends!! And supported my fundraiser.
I wanted to say Thank you!! I raised enough coin for a plane ride back home from the festival, and make a whole bunch of flyers to advertise my show in Halifax.
More details on the Halifax show to come! and cock slap for August coming soon!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

An Important Comedic Event

OK so I'm an actor and my one-man show is off to the Atlantic Fringe Festival at the begining of September. So that means I'm having a fundraiser to get there and its called:
Vito & Friends
What is it going to be like?
Picture Lawrence Welk swinging his dick.
There will be music, comedy and lobster!

Vito & Friends
Wednesday August 18th
The Tim Sims Playhouse
56 Blue Jays Way
at 8:30pm

Who is on the bill?
Vito Cazzolungo
Perry Perlmutar
Melissa Bourne & Chris
Julia Dunk & Chris
Brian Froud
and More!!!

Don't miss it!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Manchuiran Candidate!

Check out Meryl Streep do a great impression of Barbara Bush in this movie. What a cold Bitch Barbara must be!

If is funny how the mind controled zombie that Liev Schrieber plays in the movie still appears to be more charming, carasmatic and intelligent then president George W. Bush
Check it out!

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