Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog Difribulation

I’m back to blogging. It would seem that myspace killed my blog and months later facebook killed my myspace. But I am resurrecting my blog in order to keep people who care abreast of my travels in the Caribbean. As many of you already know I was hired by The Second City to work on a cruise ship which goes from NYC to the Bahamas and then a week later goes to Bermuda and the Virgin Islands. In the fall the route changes but more on that to come.
As luck would have it I am also traveling with my girlfriend who is also a performer and we have a really great contract, so hats off to those at 2nd city who arranged it because it really is a great gig! Our director is great and did a very family friendly best of show for the passengers who love it and we get many compliments from them when the see us on the ship. I will endevour to update this blog every other day with my goings on. More to come later, now I must watch us leave NYC and pass The Statue of Liberty on our journey to the Bermuda Triangle.

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