Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Chicago Waterfront

I'm not a fan of Mayor David Miller, but I will say I was happy to see him listening to the Mayor of Chicago to figure out how Toronto can fix its waterfront and hopefully make it as great and beautiful as Chicago's.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Furthermore on Stronach

I like many Canadian's am happy the government was not defeated. I'm glad we are not having an election until the Gomery report is over and done with.

As I stated in my prior posting I'm encouraged by Belinda Stronach. I want to mention that all those conservative politicians who made personal attacks on Ms. Stronach, calling her a "dip stick" or inferring she's a whore are real cock-slaps and don't deserve to represent their constituents.

However one politician made a statement which was not a personal attack and therefore I feel justified and I want to respond to this statement made by New Brunswick's Conservative Premier Bernard Lord. He mentioned that her action breeds cynicism of electors.
I disagree, what it demonstrates is the courage of individual who does not feel they must do what is dictated by their leader if it goes against what they feel is best for their constituents and country. I truly wish there were more leaders who would stand up for such convictions.

There are nations where politicians wish they could stand up to their leaders without the fear of harm. I am just glad I live in a country where, right or wrong someone like Ms. Stronach can take such an action. If anything it indicates to me that she is a person of great conviction.

Belinda Balls of Steel!

I give it to Belinda Stronach, what she did took courage or as I like to put it BALLS.
Interesting how many of her former conservative collegues have tried to cruxify her in the news. Such fucken assholes! Really Stephen Harper you are a fuck nut, lets face facts.

Lest we forget that we have the priveledge of living in a country which politically does not force an elected official to endorse what the leader of their party tells them to. When these politicians come out and take personal shots at her for doing what she believes is jsut for her constiuents and country, all I can say is... shame on you sonsabitches.

I believe her when she says that any party that align's itself with the BLOQ is jeopardizing Canada's future. I respect her decision. And should she ever run for PM, she would get my vote.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Soldiering it up!

OK so my last post was about being a Soldier of Peace.

I thought I'd report in with what I've done since I decided to make myself a soldier of Peace. Once again, it's not about how profound the incedent.

So I'm gettin on an elevator with some friends, and there is about 5 people already on the elevator 3 of us get on and while the elevator is at a comfortable capcity it is by no means was it full. A friend then approaches the elevator looks inside and polietly asks: "Is there room?" To which my friends and I all were thinking yeah there's room. When all of a sudden this lady on the elevator, shoos my friend with her hand saying: "No no!" Since this lady who I will call "the shoo-er" was right beside me and her hand was in my face as she was shoo-ing my friend. I firmly said: "Stop that, there is no need for that." I then reached out of the elevator and pulled my friend in. We then spend a very quiet minute going to the ninth floor.

I was returning a book, when I noticed that a security truck was parked across a row of parking spot closest to the stores, not only was he blocking these spots which angered me because I had to park further than I would have liked, but I noticed the handicapped spot was blocked as well. As I walked by the truck I noticed the driver was a big burly type (picture the guy Sylvester Stallone armwrestles in that movie "Over the top"). I think to myself 'do I say something?' So in as firm but not threatening a voice I say: "what if someone needs the handicapped spot?". I'd like to mention I was also judging if I could make it in the store by the time he stepped out of the car. He responded with "I'd move". So I walked away not satisfied but glad that I was not hurt and at the very least he knew I was displeased with the fact he was unkinldy blocking at least 6 choice spots. When I exited the store, he had moved his truck into a spot. I noticed, but continued to walk to my car, the then honked his horn I looked at him in his truck and he mothed the words "See." and I thought well he did do what I said, so I gave him the thumbs up and moved the words: "thank you",

Did I change the world? Nope.
Did I stand up for what I believe. Yes.
Did I do so in what I thought was for Peace and goodwill? Yes.
Did I feel the need to lay the street with daisies and sing Kombaya? Nope!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Soldier of Peace

OK...You know what drives me up the friggin wall. How anyone who believes in peace, end to war, helping the downtrotten...is viewed by much of the mainstream as weak little hippies who hold signs up and have sit-ins and get arrested by police at demonstrations.

I consider myself a PEACEMAKER, and ENVIRONMENTALIST although at times, I shout in traffic, I buy products with too much packaging, I get frustrated and angry in queues. I'm not what one would view as the quintessential Peacemaker or Environmentalist. But I do try to make peace a part of my life and the world I live in.

Having said that I'm not a wimp, nor do I plan to be viewed as such so when I'm out and about, I will try to spread PEACE as best as I can. As most soilders don't feel they have to justify why they are soldiers (and don't get me wrong I have the upmost respect for those ethical individuals who dedicate their lives to protecting their respective nations, but here I digress).

I've decided to make myself A Soldier of Peace! What does that mean? Well I have a loud mouth, I'm not scared to make a fuss, if I see a situation that calls for peace, I'm going to use my brashness to make sure everyone around me knows that it's time to bring peace to that particular sitation no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. I will not allow others to make me feel embarrassed or uncomforatble about my convictions of Peace and end to war. I encourage more people to be Soldiers of Peace!

PS: my personal slogan is: I'm A Soldier of Peace, Don't Fuck with me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pull over

Just wanted to say, What the hell is wrong with people who don't pull their car over when an ambulance or fire truck or a cop for that matter, has the sirens and lights on?

Perhaps it is time to re-inform the dense in our public that these individuals are trying to save lives, perhaps of people they know.

So what are we suppose to do?

Pull over and stop moving, try to give the emergency vehicle as much room as possible to get where it has to go. Remember to help the other vehicles to pull over by not taking too much space on the shoulder or side of the road.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


If I can legally tape a song of the radio why can't I legally download and burn a song onto a cd for my own personal use?

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