Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ok so it would seem like I'm talking about a lot of resteraunts lately and places to eat. One would think with all that eating he must be very stout, and yes as of late I am a beast...but thats what the new year is for... excercise.
But now onto serious food news.
I had perhaps the worst meal of my life recentely at The Mongolian Grill Here's the thing I don't like buffets...having worked them and seen the behind-the-scenes well as not being impressed with everyone and their mothers swirling around in the chaffing dishes I'm about to draw food from. Plus if I go to a resteraunt I want to be served, I do not want to have to get up and waddle my way through a line of people to get my food. OK so now that I've fessed up with my feelings towards buffets. I will say I went to Mongolian Grill with my girlfriend and I was I'm going to give it a chance because this is a different kind of buffet and it will be fun.
So wrong so very very wrong. First you had to go up and gather the food you wanted to cook which was fine in theory but the meat was all half frozen and looked anything but grade A. Then you had to bring it to the Grill and wait for them to clean the grill (which is always important) and you had to wait and wait for you food to be grilled and then depending on your particular combination your food either tasted good or like it came from hell. I had this issue with the curry powder I used in my fish dish it certainly did not go well with the key west powder that I put in ...then I was given someone elses grill order but only realized it as I was eating little chops of baby corn (baby corn I'd never put that with my pork) only a leathal combination of Curry and Key West powders. To top it all off we had an incident with a tooth that I don't care to get into but the staff was less then helpful. The salad bar was mangy to say the least. The washrooms were clean but the size of a coffin (which for me as long as they are clean I can deal with my claustraphobia). To top it all off the dinners were around $20 bucks each and with all the food combining I did, trying to get the composition of my meal down pat, my tummy was all out of sorts at the end of the evening. Needless to say I will never go back to The Mongolian Grill


Anonymous CleverGirl said...

:-P Have you seen my category called "Bad Eats"? I think we can file this one under that. I know it's been awhile since i've seen you, but what girlfriend?!

10:49 p.m.  
Blogger daleboyer said...

I would have to say, I'd rather the raw chicken sitting out be forzen then room temp...for safety reasons.

2:44 p.m.  

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