Monday, February 27, 2006

I wasn't drunk just blind

The last post i made about NYC.
I was drunk in nyc but not when I wrote that post, instead I wrote it from the tv internet in the hotel room and I was very tired and couldn't see because my glasses (which were expensive mind you) are somewhere in Aspen. So basically the incoherent post talks how great my time in new york was. Tomorrow I've got to be up at 5 am to go to L.A. So we shall see what type of post I'll be making from there. Peace to everyone, and for those of you who haven't been to The big apple.What you waiting for?


So I've preyy much enjoyed my 4 days here in New ork. what a fucken town! We had gon to this geran spot and it happenes to be a big german marti gr prty, so huge steins of beer and germans i costumes singing to 80's Grman hits, it was crazy and lovely and so nyc. Walke all over secially lowr East sde. ate well., and id work. Saying t the Helmley Park Lane htl.. this fcken place i stuk in 184 and it isn't aging lon before it falls into ondos like the Plazadid. It seems moresoevery tie i visit NYc s a ich mans town. Next s

Friday, February 24, 2006

stuck at Pearson

So I'm stuck in Pearson intnl airport in Toronto at Terriminal 3, waiting for a 5:40 flight to NYC toleave at 8pm due to high winds in NYC.
There is nothing to do in this fucken place.
Get this, there is a Tim Horton's which I can see on the Domestic flights side, but here on the U.S. flight side all we have is a fucken ass-munch TOAST! So basically we are shafted because any decearning proveyer of joe and sweets is stuck watching people get decent grub, whilst we are stuck with the turd of all places TOAST! The people who put this TOAST! spots in airports should be shot ans pissed on. 7 bucks for a han and cheese sandwich? - I mean I understand you have us by the nuts but do you have to sqeeze so hard? All I csn clearly state is Fuck TOAST! and the ass-wipes who think it is aceptable to provide sub-quaility fair at outrageous prices. May TOAST and all it'saffiliates go belly up.


OK so I was in Aspen Colorado last week, for some bizniz.
And I just want to talk about skiing Aspen.
I did it and man was it awesome. I won't lie to you, I'm not a good skiier. And the hills in Aspen aren't for pussies. Now I might not be a good skiier but I ain't no pussy. I did a day on the mountain, and at times I needed to catch my breath; altitude + alcohol not so good a mix.
I had some help and encouragement from the "Thew" - peace to you brother. And I was far from elegant traversing the grade.

Parabolic skiis good choice.
Bonnies for lunch good choice.
Meeting Lorne Michaels on the slope great event.
Silver bell on the down not so good choice.
My ass on my bosses head as she tried to help me put my ski on not so good choice.
My 80's neon ski wear, fucken awesome.
Photo to follow

Thursday, February 09, 2006

25 bucks shame Chapters shame

OK so I've been a member of the Chapters card programme or whatever the fuck you call it for several years now, I'd say 10 but I'm not quite certain, regardless a number of years.
This year they are charging 25 bucks for it. I just think anything over 20 bucks for a discount card is shameful. I mean I know you get a whole bunch of coupons and shit, but here's an idea less fucken coupons and cheaper price on the discount card.
So I don't know if I'm going to buy the card this year. I just dont think its worth 25 bucks even if there are savings to be had.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feb is Red

So February seems to always be painted red, due to the fact that Valentine's Day is in February.

It's amazing how most of us can talk endlessly about war, ourselves, how horrible people are, etc... but rare is that we speak on LOVE. On of my favourite authors is LEO BUSCAGLIA and I stronly recommend read his books or give them as Valentine's gifts as they truly are Beautiful writings on Love.

So I thought I would talk a moment about love, and ask that you give your thoughts on Love, should you be so brave.

HEre are some of my thoughts on LOVE:

It is easy to take advantage of someone who has loved you since you were a child because that love was always there, and one assumes that it always will be, as in love from parent to child. It is only when the threat of losing that love or loved one, that we realize how precious that love is. I also believe that a child will never be able to give a parent back the amount of love that they have received from the parent, it is impossible. There can only be a transfer of that love onto your child. That is unless you have shitty parents or you are a shitty parent.

When you unexpectedly realize that you are loved it is a humbling experience.

Love should never cause you to cause pain, but rather your love should make those around you feel better, whether you are in Love or giving Love.

There are songs and sayings that would suggest that "Love Hurts" but I think it is the lack of it, or the loss of it that hurts.

Love is easy to define and yet has been wrongly slandered as many things other than LOVE.

If you look at lexicon, there are few words that truly are perfect. But Love is one of them. I think Peace is another. I bet they sound beautiful in all languages.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Guitar lessons

I can now learn how to play accoustic versions of Laura Branigan on the guitar.

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