Friday, February 24, 2006


OK so I was in Aspen Colorado last week, for some bizniz.
And I just want to talk about skiing Aspen.
I did it and man was it awesome. I won't lie to you, I'm not a good skiier. And the hills in Aspen aren't for pussies. Now I might not be a good skiier but I ain't no pussy. I did a day on the mountain, and at times I needed to catch my breath; altitude + alcohol not so good a mix.
I had some help and encouragement from the "Thew" - peace to you brother. And I was far from elegant traversing the grade.

Parabolic skiis good choice.
Bonnies for lunch good choice.
Meeting Lorne Michaels on the slope great event.
Silver bell on the down not so good choice.
My ass on my bosses head as she tried to help me put my ski on not so good choice.
My 80's neon ski wear, fucken awesome.
Photo to follow


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