Friday, January 27, 2006

The Christie Pitts

On January 15, a dear friend of mine was mugged as she walked by the Christie Pitts just north of Bloor St, on Christie street. If you are walking at night please be on the East side of the street, away from the park that obviously is being patrolled by the crack addicts and crack dealers.

If you really want to help clean up the park, please email or write Mayor David Miller.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived north of the park for over 2 years now and walk by it every day. I have NEVER felt unsafe at any time of day or night, on either side of the street. I have never witnessed any drug activity in the area. I'm sorry about what happened to your friend, but please don't paint such an ugly picture of the area. Christie Pitts is lively area that is evolving as a hot spot to buy homes in. On my street alone there are like-minded individuals that take care of their properties, and make a point to get to know their neighbours. And the park is a family oriented space for skating in the winter, and baseball and swimming in the summer. No crack addicts here buddy!

12:04 a.m.  
Blogger Marco T said...

That is a very fair statement made above.
I think the area is great, I live nearby as well and walk and ride in that area too. But I must say that late at night I would not walk in the Pitts. Now I have seen sketchy looking people on park benches in the Pitts at night. They definately looked like vagrants and dealers, having not purchased any drugs from them or seen any drug dealings I cannot be sure. The area I will say is great. The PITTS could be improved with better and stronger lighting and some sort of patrolling late at night. I agree that the Park is a family oriented space and I think that's great and lacking in a lot of communities in Toronto. However, the fact that someone was attacked and had to go to the hospital, makes me believe that there is a problem there or at the very least what could be the start of one. If that wasn't ever an issue for you in your walks through the pitts, I imagine that any incident like this, should be taken very seriously and looked into and if it was never a problem in the past, then action should be taken so that it doesnt become a problem. I still strongly believe that the park is too dark at night. I do believe that anyone walking by the park late at night should choose to walk on the opposite side of the street from the park to avoid any sort of possibilty of muggings, especially females (I don't care if this sounds sexist) as it happened to my friend and the purse is what the criminal was after. I do like the AREA, and the Community and I live nearby so for me it's home too.

2:01 a.m.  

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