Monday, May 31, 2004

Stirring Up Shit part 2- This just in!

You might want to read the posting below:< "Stirring Shit Up - Just before the Election!" So that you are abreast of what I write in this posting.

This Stirring Shit Up, is proving to be kinda fun. It seems as though some of these MP's are emailing me back. As you know I received a response from MP, Hon. John Godfrey, Constituency: Don Valley West. And you can read my response to his letter in the previous Blog posting. Well Mr. Godfrey to his credit responded to my response.

This is what the Hon. John Godfrey had to say in response:

Dear Mr Timpano,

Mr. McGuinty is the leader of the Ontario Liberals. I am running in the federal election with Prime Minister Martin. In his nine years as Finance Minister, Paul Martin did what he said he would do: he eliminated the deficit, he saved the Canada Pension Plan. To repeat, I am not running for the Ontario Liberal Party.

John Godfrey

Once again, I am not a complete asshole, I respect and appreciate his response. I disagree with much of it, but his response seems to demonstrate to me at the very least this guy cares what people think of him.

It is only fair that I share my response to this letter with you. Once again, I know that what I write; like what Mr. Godfrey writes will not be agreed with by all youse who read this. But you too have the chance to comment on my site to my letter.

I wrote the following in response to his email:

Mr. Godfrey.

As a Liberal, and a MP in Ontario, you should know that whatever Mr. McGuinty does reflects the Liberal Party, the Prime Minister and yourself as an MP in the Liberal caucus. The sentiment felt by Ontarians is not going to reflect solely how they vote provincially, it will reflect how they vote federally. So I would suggest that perhaps you and Prime Minister Martin let your voice be heard to Mr. McGuinty on how YOUR constituents feel regarding the issue of Health Premiums.

I applaud the Prime Minister for doing what a politician is suppose to do. But Mr. Godfrey, let me assure you a lot more can be done for the Nation and the Province. I am moved to let all the Liberals in power; the federal, provincial and local Liberals know that this issue of Health Premiums does not sit will with myself, my family and my friends. I realize that perhaps the only way many Liberals in office will realize this is through a Vote. This I feel is a shame, and has me very disheartened with regards to the party of which I was loyal.

I appreciate your views, and your response to my emails. I hope you can appreciate mine. But I strongly believe the liberals in Ontario regardless of whether they run federally, for the province or locally will be in for a rude awakening. Look at your polls, and better yet you should hear what we are saying around the watercooler, at the bars, and on line.

Marco Timpano

Once again I urge you to contact your MP and let them know what you think about issues like the Ontario Health Premium. Of course it is also important to let your MPP know how you feel about this issue since it is a provincial issue but I think ultimately it reflects all voters, Ontarians and ultimately Canadians.
So along with letting all the Liberal MP's know how I feel about this issue. I've also sent my original letter in the previous "Stirring Up Shit" posting, to all the Liberal MPP's for Ontario.

How can I do that too?
Follow steps 1-3 in the previous posting >"Stirring Shit Up - Just before the Election!"

<Click here for MPP's info.Have fun!

Stirring Up Shit - Just before the Election!

Ok so as the title would suggest, I've been stirring up shit !
I figure June is going to be a month that is all about politics and voting, so I best start stirring up a little shit with politicians.

As those of you who have read my blog are aware, I am very against the Health Premium the Ontario government wants to oppose to its citizens. I have friends in BC and they tell me its a big mess. So I am doing what I can to at the very least. let my views knows

You see this is a major issue that isn't sitting well for the Ontario Liberals. So I've decided to email (thanks to a web site <Julia introduced me to) all the Liberal MP's in Ontario.

I figure these guys want to be re-elected so they should know how I feel about them and the Liberal party.

This is the standard letter I have been emailing to all of them, (with the exception of those who represent the area where I own property or live, I tailored it with more specifics for them). This is what I wrote:

Dear So-and-So:

As a Liberal member I think it is imperative that you are aware that as a taxpayer of Ontario, I am against the Health Premiums and de-listing of medical services proposed by the McGuinty Liberal government. You should be aware that I am a staunch Liberal, I have always voted for that party. I can assure you should this go through; and as Ontarians we have to pay a health premium and have health services de-listed; I will never vote for you and I will not vote for the Liberal party. I will sincerely do everything I can to sway my friends and family to vote against you and the Liberal party.

Concerned citizen of Ontario,

(my name and address here)

The letter is entirely accurate. I have to do it in stages because there are just under 100 Ontario Liberal MP's. But it's funny because I've been getting responses from them, most just want my mailing address, initially I forgot to include it. But one MP, Hon. John Godfrey, Constituency: Don Valley West, personally emailed me back. I do appreciate that he would take time to do so and I respect him for that.
This is what he wrote:
Dear Mr. Timpano,
Thank you for your note. The Ontario government brought down its first budget in which they were forced to renege on a number of their campaign promises from earlier this year due to a crippling deficit left behind by the previous Tory government. Faced with a very difficult set of circumstances, the new Ontario government has made a new set of choices and laid them transparently before Ontarians to be judged. In understand your disappointment but that is the challenge of governing.
John Godfrey

Of course I wrote back. Here is what I said:
Mr. Godfrey,
That is not the challenge of governing. The Challenge of Governing, is sticking to promises you made to get elected. The challenges of governing is not LYING to the trusting people of this province. The Challenge of Governing is not blaming those who came before you, but doing a better job. The Challenge of Governing is listening to what your people want and DO NOT want. We do NOT want our Health Care messed with!!
I don't know what it will take for the LIBERAL party of ONTARIO to understand that.

You and your party leave me no other choice then to vote for an alternative party. It saddens me, as I was such a strong supporter of the Liberals. I certainly hope the results of this upcoming election will demonstrate to you and Mr. McGuinty the errors of your way.
Marco Timpano

So I know it might not change things, I'm not CRAZY, enough to think that just my emails would cause the Imperial nerd Dalton McGuinty to back track on this whole Health Care Premiums. But I feel a sense of Political and Canadian satisfaction knowing I am letting my opinion be heard!

Do you want to STIR SOME SHIT UP?
It's really kinda simple.
1. Draft an email, or you can even copy mine and just add your name to it, although I would suggest if you are not a staunch Liberal you omit that part. Send one email to your MP, that I think is very important.

2. Copy the email Paste it to another email and send it to the next Ontario MP on the list. PLEASE NOTE: you want to send it only to MP's in ONTARIO, so you have to scroll down a bit to find them. There are a lot of MP's so it may take some time. I like to do this when I'm procrastinating from important work and calls I should be making. Or while watching TV.

3. Email them off, and sit back and wait for the Shit to start Stirring!
Where do I get this info on the MP's of Ontario?
<click here for MP's info
Have Fun!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


OK, so I know I complain about stuff, but it is one thing to complain; it's another to make change or at least try and do something about it.

On May 18th, Dalton McGuinty's liberal government announced plans to de-list less critical services (chiro/physio/optometry) As well as institute a health premium of approx. $300-$900 a year.

Here is a quote from the degenerate Premier McGuinty with regards to this issue. He continues weaseling his LIES and breaking his campaign promises:
''But I think that it's the right thing to do and at the end of the day my responsibility, as I see it, as a leader of the government, as the premier of Ontario, is to do what I sincerely feel is the right thing to do.''

Mr. McGuinty you fuck-nut, you are not suppose to do what YOU feel is right but what the citizen's of Ontario need and want for the province and its citizens.


1. Start by emailing/calling or faxing the Premier.
Tell him as an Ontarian you do not want a health premium and the de-listing of health services.
Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Premier
Phone: 416.325.1941
Fax: 416.325.7578

2. Next make your Finance Minister work.
Email/Fax or call the Minister of Finance. Tell him as a taxpayer in this province you do not want a health premium and the de-listing of health services.
Hon. Greg Sorbara, Minister of Finance
Phone: 416.325.0400
Fax: 416.325.0374

3.Let this guy know he is flunking!
Email/Fax or call the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. Tell him as an Ontarian, a taxpayer and someone who has used medical services in this province that you do not want a health premium and the de-listing of health services and expect him as the Minister of Health/Long-Term Care to do something about it.
Hon. George Smitherman, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
Phone: 416.327-4300
Fax: 416.326.1571

4.Let them have it!!!
Email/Fax or Call your MPP,
they represent you; let them know you want this decision reversed. You also want to make sure they know you are not happy about it. *Remember this person represents your riding and is suppose to respond and listen to all of his/her constituents concerns and complaints.
How do I find this info?
Simple <click here then enter your postal code.
And the information will pop up.

I know you might think to yourself. This isn't going to do anything. Well, you might be right...BUT you might be wrong, and it doesn't hurt to try. And finally at least you will have done something about it. Which ultimately gives you the right to BITCH about it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

CD Review - Van Lear Rose- Fucken A!

This is a Review for Loretta Lynn's latest cd "Van Lear Rose"produced and arranged by Jack White of the White Stripes.
OK, before you dismiss this venture, because it's country. Let me just say this cd is Fucken Bitch-slap me good, down home fuck me hard music. Lately what is coming out of the once novel and hard hitting rap and urban scene has become predictable and passe'; Lynn's release is textured with solid lyrics and their simplicity tells stories, grooves and rocks the listener with a hint of her unique twang. Could it be old country is the new voice of music?

You be the judge:

Track 5 -"Have Mercy" sounds like something one would hear on the soundtrack to a Tarantino film. Rough, Tough and sexually charged.

Track 2- "Portland, Oregon" is a duet with Jack White, it opens with lyrics: "Well Portland Oregon and sloe gin fizz, if that ain't love then tell me what is." Fucken Classic.

Track 9 - "Woman's Prison" - I would categorically say it's the woman's answer to Johnny Cash's tune "Cocaine Blues" and the moral to these songs, if you catch your lover cheating on you, whatever you do, don't kill them or you'll end up in the chair.

Track 13 - The last track appropriately titled: "Story of my life", she sings her bio in 2:40. I'd like to see Britney try and do it after 70 albums and still manage to poke a dig to the Hollywood scum who scammed her on the movie made of her life "Coal Miners Daughter".

Some would say 69 is the finest of all numbers, in Loretta's case I'd have to say it rings true! Born in 1935, the first lady of country may have brought her music to a whole new audience of listeners.

Monday, May 17, 2004

McBarf!!! Movie Recommendation

I saw the film "Supersize Me", and it's a film that I hope gains momentum and people will check out. It pretty much proves what most people with half a brain already know, that Fast Food is Junk Food and Junk food is bad for you. The difference is in this film one sees what it does to the body, and to Morgan's (this it the guy who did the experiement for the film, eating only McDonald's food for 30 days) health. Let me know what you think of this film.
<click here to check out this film's trailer/website.> McBarf!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Book Review - Liar!

This is a book review for Al Franken's latest book: "Lies and the Lying Liars who tell them; A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right."
Let me start by saying I did not read this book; I listened to Al Franken read his book on a audio-book CD, and I believe via this format you get the total experience of Franken's work, with his comedic flare.

This book is great! As a political humourist Franken is savvy and biting. This book cuts straight to the chase and proves through reference to countless sources that in fact these Right Wing republicans and George W. Bush being the "Capo di Capi" are in fact Lying Sons-of-Bitches.

Whenever one listens to Right Wing TV whores like O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, it always seems like they are pulling facts and figures out of their asses. Franken backs up all his arguments, inject humour and sarcasm and he demonstarte that he knows his stuff. An enjoyable and thought provoking read.

My favourite chapter involves; Barbara Bush beloved mother (or is it great-grandmother) of President George W, Franken pretty much proves that Barbara is in fact an old hag or as he eloquently puts it is a BITCH!

I highly recommend it.
<click here for more Franken books
Happy Reading!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Awesome Canadian Movie Trailer!

OK those of you who know me know that I hate Canadian movies. I do for the most part, lets say most Anglo-Canadian movies suck ass, in particular the comedies. Now, I know some of you might be saying but how could he say that he is an actor himself? I just can't stomach to watch Canadian Comedies because it seems they have no edge. They try not to offend and in doing so they offend anyone with a sense of humour. These so called comedies end up being so bland, one actually feels sorry for the actors having to be in this kinda shit hoping someone other than the writer will find it funny. Case and point; "Men With Brooms". Hopefully things will change for the better. If you click to this website listed you will see a hilarious movie trailer for a film written and starring some great Canadian comedic actors and just to show that I am biased look for me, I play a cameo in it.
<click here to check out the trailer

Monday, May 10, 2004

Movie Review---Van Hell-Shit!

I like monster movies, I like comic book hero movies, I like movies that have a beastly protagonist fighting evil, when everyone things that he/she is actually evil.

The only thing Evil or scary about Van Helsing is that they charge $13.95, to see this crud. What the fuck Hugh Jackman? Didn't you play a guy with super-human power fighting bad monsters for the good of the world in a previous film...X-men2 and one before that X-men? Why did you make this steaming turd?

Perhaps it was because your co-star the lovely Kate Beckinsale decided to be in a film where a Vampire fights a Werewolf at the end? Wasn't that the same thing that happened in her film Underworld.

This film has every single cliche you can jam into a psuedo-horror film,! including my favourite: Frankenstien quoting the biblical "though I walk through the Valley..." speech as he is about to be murdered.

But the fly that tops the piece of shit that is this film, is the over use of Computer animation as we see the werewolf fight the vampire or giant rancid bat with pimples as the computer animation seems to have designed him or it.

I thought The Punisher was bad, -It still is, but this one sucks more

I thought Hell Boy was stupid and over animated -This film makes it seem like fucken Shakespeare compared to Van Helsing.

This movie is Pure Shit, don't waste you money!

Sunday, May 09, 2004

COCK-SLAP of the Month! -May-

This is a monthly feature which will indicate who has been the cock-slap of the month. For the month of May it goes to George W. Bush's military men and women serving in Iraq who mistreated their prisoners of war . It would sicken any normal human to see such horrific images, to think that these soilders supposedly "America's finest" would commit such acts...well leaves me no option but to give them the COCK-SLAP of the Month! Way to go assholes!

I just hope they will not get away with it.

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