Thursday, December 30, 2004

Keep Our Dick Rocking for New Years!

As many of you may know Dick Clark will not be hosting his Rocking New Year's Special from Time Square this year due to a stroke the old geyser recently had.
I think it's not fair to the millions (or lets say 100's) of people who watch his show every year.
How do we save New Years and keep Dick in the Festivities?
Saw off his head and replace the ball that drops down at midnight, with his decapitated noggin'.
Imagine how great it would be every year to see the old guys rottin' head slide down that pole? Every year it getting more and more grotesque till it's a skull! That would be awesome and he would still be an integral part of every New Year!

Have a safe and Happy one y'all!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

2 Words

Peace and Joy

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Most Overrated Form of Art

I have said it once, I will say it again:

"Ballet is the most overrated form of Art."

What do you think is the most overrated form of Art?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Movie Review - Ocean's 12

If you were a fan of Oceans Eleven, you probably won't enjoy this sequel.
There seems to be a lack of focus in this one, whereas in the previous film these guys get together to commit a caper, and we see them use there individual talents to get shit done. Here we have a weak story, that is underscored in its weakness with Julia Roberts playing herself. Give me action, or caper, don't give me bullshit.
And that's what this film is bullshit.

Sunday, December 12, 2004


I know, I know it's been a few months since I've posted a cock-slap of the month.
There just wasn't anyone who truly stood out as a cock-slap for October and November. However I have a doosey for this month.
For December this narrow-minded ignorant giraffe-faced bitch Ann Coulter is the Cock-Slap of the month.

The Stupidity and Ignorance that comes out of her mouth is beyond belief.

Thankfully the bitch does not come here to spout her venom and is generally found on the moronic and selfserving Fox News.(Oh Rupert Murdoch when will you die already?)

Unfamiliar with her? Click Here (The site is in a foreign language but the video comes up quickly and in English)

Think For a Second!

So it's cold and dark and wet on the streets in December.
Here's something to think about:
If you don't want to get killed. Don't cross in the middle of the street without reflective clothes especially if you are dressed in black. Cars don't see you till the last second.
Cross at the intersection.
Wear reflective materials.
This also holds true for standing on the line in the middle of the street waiting for the other lane to clear of cars, we still don't see you.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Use your cell phone!

I'm not the biggest fan of cab drivers.
Manly because they are:
Dangerous on the road..

Not all cabbies are, but those of us who drive are witness to this everyday.
Well the other day I noticed a cab driver; race past another cab, honk his horn and dangerously swirve past the cab that was ahead of him.
Why did he do this?
Because the cab that was ahead of picked up 4 blind passengers and since it took these passengers a little longer to get in the cab had traffic blocked for 3 minutes.
This act of aggression sent me through the roof as a witness to this action. So I chased the cab down and got the cab number, called the cab company and reported this. To my contentment, the dispatch told me they were going to pull this cab off the street for the night and send the cabbie home.
So for anyone who witness such aggressive and dangerous driving from a cab.
Get the cab number, which is on a small plate usually near the licence plate on the trunk door, and call the company. Maybe this will make them respect the road. Now if there was only a way to make the rest of us drivers respect the road.

Family Parking -bullshit!

So I just got back from IKEA and I parked in the Family parking spot which for some reason seems like it's almost better than the Handicapped spot (which I would never park in).
Why should people who are in a family get ideal parking spots? Just because they have mangy kids, doesn't mean these kids can't walk. If you feel the need to bring your kids with you when you go shopping, then you should have to deal with the same sort of parking issues I deal with. Perhaps they should have spots way at the back that say Single and Lonely and I could park there.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Television as a Tool

Time for me to recommend a Canadian Television programme. Ordinarily I'll be the first to say how shit Canadian TV can be, has been and is. But we got a couple of nuggets and these nuggets are in fact gold.

Holmes on Homes
This show offers anyone who has a home and is doing any sort of repair and or additions or remodelling to their abode very important information on how not to get screwed.

This show is hosted by Mike Holmes basically he is like Bob Villa with balls. He lays the cards on the table and tells homeowners how contractors and workmen (in most cases scammed artists) have fucked up and taken advantage and basically done a piss-poor job and as a consequence he goes in repairs the work and tells the viewers how things should be done, what to look out for, and how to not get scammed.

Basically it's Television that teaches.

My only complaint and I hope they are able to fix this one glitch is that the show is not at a consistant time.

It's on HGTV and here are the dates and hours it's on:
(all Eastern time)
Monday - 1:00AM (one hour)
- 4:00AM (one hour)
- 7:30PM (half hour show)

Wednesday -7:00 PM (half hour show)
Thursday - 8:00PM (one hour premiere)
- 11:00PM (one hour)

Friday - 2:00 AM (one hour)
Saturday - 3:00PM (one hour)
Sunday - 10:00 PM (one-hour)

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