Thursday, July 01, 2004


Let me start by saying, all cultures and countries are great to those who have a distinct connection to them.

July 1st, is the day Canadians celebrate our country.

I love being Canadian and I love Canada!

You can burn my flag, and I bet it would make a spetacular flame and keep you warm; doesn't make my country any less great.

You can say autumn is pretty in your country, but it is unfucken believable in Canada.

I Love the fact we have more trees, lakes and mountains than arms.

Maple syrup makes snow taste great.
(Caution: never eat yellow snow)

I love my big cities: Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Vancouver and of course TORONTO!!!

I love all the towns in between, especially Tiny Beaches.

We are strong and free.


Blogger daleboyer said...

Don't forget Schomberg...everyone loves Schomberg. Proudly Canadian from it's smash-up derbys to parades with Christmas lights on farming tractors!

12:06 a.m.  

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