Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Holy Christ!

OK so the thankfully the guy was not murdered but Im pretty sure he killed his dog with a knife to the head. I know it was horrific and I did not eat that night. He is the town drug attick.
When it rains in Puglia it floods. If I can I will post a pic.
Getting ready for my next group which arrives tomorrow.
Today I said this,"Do you think one Foxy will do?"
Foxy is a brand of paper towels.
When I say that Puglia is on fire, they are getting their olive groves, yes their 40 million olive trees ready for harvest. And so they burn all the shit under the trees. Which means much of Puglia is a haze of smoke, yes fucken olive branch and barnacle smoke. Needless to say all this olive shhit makes me un-happy. Enough with the fucken Olive trees, oil, soap, burning.....


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