Thursday, June 15, 2006

Grease is the word

I slathered my ass and balls with this ass and ball cream i have and rode a measly 10 km and thought i would have a heart attack. there are all these fucken loud german kids in my hotel and I officially hate italians. I drink great Chianti Classico and someone gave me one today, which is nice and here is what i am fucken learning and it sounds so shame coming out of my mouth i cant even tell you:
1997 was perhaps the greatest year Chianti has seen in a long while.
2003 is another phenominal year because of how hot it was, buy that up.
it would seem that 2004 is going to be another outstanding year. 94 not so good, 2000 , 2001, very nice too. and you know what im thinking the whole time im saying it: Fuck Chianti!


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