Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Just for Laughs

OK, I'm in Montreal for the Just for Laughs Festival.  And it is great.
I have a lot of friends in the show Evil Dead the musical, and if you know anyone in Montreal, tell them to go see it! It is the best production thus far and it was great back in its first run!!
Trevor Martin really balances the show with his voice and is great fun to watch!
and Mike "Nug" Nahrgang is exceptional, but beyond that really!
The rest of the cast whom I do not really know are fantastic!
Especially Danielle as Cheryl rocks the house and the stage!
This is going to be HUGE and you heard it from me first!


Blogger boabhan sith said...

So is it true that pot is legal up there?
...I don't smoke it anymore, but I have friends who still do and they are thinking of becoming canadian.

7:25 p.m.  

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