Friday, September 23, 2005

2 doves of peace and grumpy me

I'm writing from my hotel, which is a 5 star hotel, but I litterally saw cockroaches the size of small cats here last time I was here.
So here is a picture of me in front of a statue that I quite like in some little spit of a town, about an hour before I got soaked. Why am I wearing my sweat cap in this pic is beyond me. I know I look like an asshole, but you need to know that I walk around the hotels and resteraunts wearing my biking pants with my nuts practically in the receptionists face, sometimes I'll make deals wearing my bike helmut. That is the part I love the most. That and being able to switch back and forth from Italian to English. I really love that especially when people around me in bars, or restaurnts listen in, hilarious I tell you. Oh and having a great espressino with a cornetto di crema, fucken rocks.


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