Friday, September 23, 2005

Advil and Prosecco

OK so After a fisherman told me it wasnt going to rain today it pissed all over me and my group. And when I say pissed I mean I was so soaked with water that my shoes would fill and as I peddled water would oouze out. I want to say thank-fuck I bought this $200 bike rain jacket at MEC and it worked like a charm, 'cept it had no hood, what-the-fuck no hood, I didnt realize it until today when I needed it. Regardless I'm glad I had it and that I didnt have to give it to anyone.
So getting the weather report in Puglia is like using a dowsing stick to find water. I was told that fishermen know the weather because they have to know if they go to sea, well this old fisherman told me weather would be great and it was ass!!! Needless to say he probably drowned today. I felt like absolute shit today after riding in the rain, but I had no time to really settle after that because there was a mountain of bikes to load. So I had to grab a handfull of advil and wash it down and the aperativo with Prosecco (sparkling italian wine). I'm going to take another 2 or 3 advil tonight to help me sleep (I know they aren't sleeping pills but really who am I kidding they taste so good) and to help me get better from the chill I got today. Tomorrow it is suppose to piss on us again. And here is the best part we go to the beach tomorrow, hoo-fucken-ray! As well I get to translate all about fucken olive oil, if I have to tell one more person that Puglia is the leading Italian region for olive oil, I'm going to gnaw my fucken arm off. I want to say look around all you see if olive groves. Seriously all I see every day is row after row of fucken olive trees, I can tell you what olive tree is over 800 years old, or which areas they pick them off the tree and which ones are picked off the ground and this is the best which ones are sprayed with pesticides.


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