Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Less vowels

OK so as many of you know the Italian language is full of vowels.
I asked this really hot chick at the hotel what makes my Italian not sound like a native speaker, and she said some inflections and my double consonants, turns out when I speak I don't pronounce the second connonant. FFuccKK oFFFF is all I can say. So because of this defficency I have with this language I have decided to go to a land where they don't bother with vowels. I booked a flight to Prague the Czech Republick where they have words like prvm and smshy How great is that. And finally I'll get to drink some decent beer, I mean once can only get smashed on Italian wine for so long.


Blogger Carlos said...

Dearest Marco,

I guess since you're off to the land of no vowels, you won't be seeing a street named after me anymore. This brings me great sadness, but! It does mean that I will have to write you in order to stay in your thoughts. It's awesome to see you so happy and tanned and drunk in your photos. I promise to try and write at least half as much as Amanda. She looks like Laura Brannigan, but can she sing? Be well my friend, enjoy your voyages!



ps. I'm going to read the post about the ass/ball cream again. . . I'm concerned you were drunker than you thought. Happened to me once. . . so i have a supply of it here in TO if you need.

10:45 a.m.  
Anonymous Mark D.A. said...

You're going to Prague???? I thought you decided you were too broke? I guess that was the wine talkin'. drunkard.

1:54 p.m.  

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