Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I've Czeched it out!

So it is my last few hours here in the Czech Republic and it has been fun. I haven't drunk this much beer since my days in Uni, and if you can fathom this, I am drinking beer by myself and I can't keep up, they just bring pint after pint after pint and it is truly not cheaper but the same price as water.
I'm not feeling 100 percent, I've got some nasty ass cold, I think I know what it is, I haven't rode a bike in 3 days and my body is saying "What the fuck?", it needs to keep moving, and all this beer, it's been used to wine, it is going through shock, not to mentione the food in Prague, holy shit-if it doesn't stick to your ribs, after I am done a meal here if feels like Pavarotti is sitting on my chest. (I said sitting Adrienne, I know about your toasts! And I don't approve of such fetishes). The women here, they either look very slavic or are dropped dead gorgeous (I was given the heads up with regards to this, thanks O') but Jeas'-Louisekova us it is crazy. So in about 40 minutes I hope in a cab that will take me to the Prague airport, which is probably not open, so I might have to wait outside till it does open, because my flight leaves at 6am, I want to make sure I'm on the flight as the company I am flighing "Smart Wings" or so they call themselves are total twats, but because they are Czech they are reall hot twats, but twats nonetheless. I waited for over an hour in line, and without any sort of dramatic effect intended, she tells me that I would have to go at the back of the other ticket checkers line, which has 30 people in it, I'm like "no fucken way" I'm in Charles de Gaulle, and I'm like ok babe, I don't speak french, or Czech and your English is ass-tastic but one thing you better realize I'm not waiting in another line for an hour and missing my flight, so in my wisdom I said that I should be seen by the checker next, and the twats together provided half a brain and said they would alternate between the two lines. The woman had to leave in order to start bording the plane, god only knows where I would be if I had gone to the back of the line. So in order to avoid any twatiness, I'm getting there early. Which means I either sleep in Paris or basically I'm fucked. I have to get my bags from a friend who is storing them for me (when I say bags I mean fucken trunks). BIG SHOUT OUT to Kathy and to the city of Windsor where she is from, she took 2 huge luggages and a fragile bag of wine and glassware by herself to her place for me, that's what you call a class act!


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