Tuesday, October 25, 2005


In Czech, the word for beer is Pivo (pee-voh).
And I can only seem to have 3 and then I am smashed.
Went out for drinks with a friend of a friend and had some local pub fare, and the actual waiter asked if I was sure I wanted this beer cheese thing that this friend of a friend recommended I try as it was typical Czech. This is what the waiter says to me: "Are you sure you want that, the cheese smells like shit" at this point I want it even more because nothing says cuisine like shit smelling cheese, at least in Prague you dont step in shit, you just eat food that tastes like it. So he brings this plate and it has a rectangle of cheese, while smelly it just smelt like strong stilton, not quite like shit, but beside the cheese was a pile of mustard and chopped onions, he then poured beer foam over the cheese and told me to mash all the ingridents together, while it did not quite smelt like shit, it certainly looked like it. Taste wise it wasn´t nachos but decent when you are getting smashed on pivo, but now that im in front of the computer and sobering up my hands indeed smell like shit and I can only guess its from the cheese I ate. Finally here in Czech republic they use the letter zed as if it was punctuation, and while Im typing I can't even tell you the things that come up like every time i need an apostrophe i get ¨ so I go to use the word can¨t and i get two fucken dots, the y and z are reversed on the computer and there are all kinds of things to put on top of letters here ěščřžý its fun actuallz


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