Friday, October 21, 2005

Pot belly

Hey so let me just say that the coffee here in France sucks dogs ass.
I was downing espresso on every highway stop from Arezzo to the Mont Blanc border like a crack addict.
So the company gave us the awesome bike shirt, when I put it on my body it seriously shows off this gut that I have, I know I was never slim jim but this shirt makes it look like I'm 8 months pregnant (no offense to all the Preggies out there) I looked in the mirror and i said to myself I should have relaxed with all the cornettos in Italy and I could have ate the plethora of vegetables in Puglia....but they just got in the way of my pasta. Oh well after 2 months of biking looks like I have to come home to Toronto to work out and lose the fat. Then again in North America I can just blend in with it, 'specially when I'm next to Jeff.
Today they have us biking 25kms through the Burgundy region of France.


Anonymous Gis said...

Beautiful! Only you can exercise like amaniac and gain weight! I could too - that damn pasta rocks!

10:26 a.m.  

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