Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My mission of the day

So today I woke up and checked out of my hostel, which I have a scratchy throat and I will blame it on the flea and bag hotel I was staying in not the copious amount of pivo I have been drinking. My flight leaves at 6am tomorrow, so I figure instead of spending 1000kr for a night in a room, I won't even be able to really stay in because I have to take a cab at 4am to get to the god foresaken airport, I figure I'll just hang out in a club or bar or cafe till 4am, I don't know how much of a good idea this is really but since I've got a night in Paris that I will have to pay for I figure saving in Czech might be the best idea.
I also gave myself some sights to see today, the Jewish area of Prague, which is rich in history and importance, but of course the cemetary and other touristic places are closed for the Jewish holidays, so Mazel Tov to my jewish friends for their holidays, and oh well regarding Marco learning about their culture here in Prague. An aside if you need to severely use the washroom (toliet in Europe, and bathroom for my American friends) go to the Four Season's hotel, chat with the lady at the front desk and then have her lead you to the mother of pearl washrooms of Europe, I only wish I had more shit to do there (pun very intended). So since Jewville was closed I went off to see the Giant Horse statue upon the recomendation of a friend I met yesterday in Prague, the one I ate the ass-smelling cheese with. And off I went...


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