Saturday, April 22, 2006


You might remember last year I spend 2 months on a bike in Puglia, and bitched like crazy on my blog about it.
Well get set for TUSCANY 2006! Yup I'm going to ride a bike in Tuscany only for 2 weeks in June but I'm certain I will bitch about it like never before. So stay tuned for that! As well I'm in a bike race for charity and I'll send some news on how to sponsor me should you chose to on my blog very soon too!
Until then Happy Chianti!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well well well another trip Mr Marco but I have to ask why not visit the greatest country In the world (next to Canada of course)you know ...the country that gave us art and math and science and...................................well pretty much everything as well as the best OLIVES know to man
Yes yes I know It Is a wonderful country and those of us who are blessed to have the blood In our veins already know how lucky we are.
But please mention It

Your Friend

1:42 p.m.  

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