Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I hate dealing with Italians I fucken hate it, especially when they think theyve got the best job and treat you like shit. The more highclass the hotel the bigger dicks they are like the Cunt-tress I have to deal with at this hotel we are going to. she dyes her hair this impossible red and has a mole on her cheek that I swear blinks at you. shame. Anyways she is being a real wretched snatch with me, but now Im being a very smug dick-smack back, we shall see what goes down when i see her tomorrow, the showdown begins, i was all smug when she called confused about our dinner arrangemnts im like bitch i spoke to your matre-d what the fuck. It is impossible to get massages in italy. And for some reason massages and blow jobs in italy are really really bad. shame gotta go my bus is parked precariously on this fucken hill and i got to get down this really tight really steep hill that has jagged pieces jetting out at you, i swear at times i feel like im in the movie Running man.
had great tiramisu today.


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