Thursday, June 22, 2006

excuse me while I de-puss my eyes

Tonight at dinner I had to excuse myself to go and wipe the puss out of my eyes, isnt that attractive. As well ice in italy is a commodity like gold or oil, asking for it from a hotel is like asking for a kidney they give be half a Longo's bag of ice for our cooler which is suppose to have drinks for 12 people. And when I asked (knowningly i might add, but for the benefit of the doubht i thought I would) if I could get ice at a gas station they said "no you get gas at a gasstation). I bit my lip because I wanted to ask so "where the fuck does one find an ice station in italy" but I didnt and to be honest i could give a rats ass about ice, but of course those from north america arent used to drinking water and sodas piss warm, so I have to do what i can with 17 cubes of ice. It was hot and when its hot like Frosty I melt. But i did find the best gelato in Tuscany in the piazza in San Gimignano. Shame people ask me about the historic signifance of San Gimignano and all I can say is "the town is named after a milanese saint, how odd" and then I just go off into my Vernaccia speech, its the white wine found here, dee-lish, drank half a bottle tonight, i come back to the hotel (Im at the cappucina hotel where the front desk the bald dude is a real schmuck, he told me I can use the computer for 5 minutes and hes busy talking to his skin head friends --they might not be bald but the look like skin heads to me.


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