Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vote CHAD!!!

Canadian Idol has begun the voting, and whilst I'm not one to watch anything that has that Cock-slap Ben Mulroney on it, I have to conceed to talent.
I met this kid Chad Doucette when I was doing my one-man show in Halifax in 2004 and he was playing in a bar I happened to be in, and I was thinking wow this singers good, so I went upstairs to check out what's the deal and I almost feel down because the singer was this 16 yr old kid that looked like he was 12, after talking with his family I invited him to play for my shows, he did and he was brilliant. Now he is a contestant on Canadian Idol.
All I can say about Chad is:
He's a cool kid.
He has a nice family.
He is talented.
He has a great voice
He writes is own music.

So Call-IN and vote for CHAD DOUCETTE.
I know voting started yesterday for him and there is only a 2 hour window, but I was on a plane, hopefully he'll make it through and you can vote for him during the next few weeks. Let's all help Chad Doucette have a career that could lead him to doing coke off a hookers ass at some Vegas penthouse suite hotel. LET's MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE!


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