Thursday, June 22, 2006

one more thing

i figure i would just get a couple of last things in before my sore eyes force me to bed. I will be riding about 65km in 40 degree heat tomorrow. Tonight my hotel is an oven because the a/c broke down, so its impossible to get anyone to fix it until about 9 am as they told us , which means it wont be fixed tomorrow, ahh life at the Cappucina. They have a pool but I havent been to it. Because we move around so much the past 2 days ive been showing up to elegant dinners in the most wrinkled shirts you can imagine. When I shower here at The Cappucina, the shower curtain gets sucked in and wrapps it self around me and when i try to push it away it just licks my legs with big long wett licks, so now I shower without a curtain and brush my teeth in a foot of water by the sink. Back to my oven for sleep.


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