Monday, July 26, 2004

Pre-Approve This!

I keep getting credit card junk mail telling me I am pre-approved for this card and that card and it drives me crazy. I had a credit card that was mailed to me stolen, so I get very irked when these forms come in to apply for new pre-approved cards, any yahoo can theif these things in my mail and get himself a card under my name.
So I was plenty pissed when Capital One Master Card sent me an pre-approved application today. So I called them up to tell them to keep me off all their lists.
How did I get to them? Easy I found the MaterCard international number and they forwarded me to the right number.
And now I pass that info onto you:
Make sure that you tell them to take you off their mailing list and their phone lists. You'll be on hold for a bit, but it's worth not getting this junk in the mail


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