Thursday, October 27, 2005

Inside Paris Hitlon Part Deux

Sorry I ran out of time telling the story of my IBIS hotel senario. So this is the 2nd part to the posting below; so off I go back to the first hotel (I know I'm an asshole and a cheap one at that) but I go back, this time they decided to pull the real hefer to the reception. I explain, that I cancelled my reservation for bumfuck IBIS and I'm back here and I have a reservation number, she pokes her plump hands at the keyboard and looks at me like I just pulled Jean Chirac's severed head from my bag. She (rudely or should I say very Parisean style) tells me there is no such reservation, I told her about the ogre at the other hotel and that I asked him 2 times for a printout, I don't know why this fact is so important to me, but it is I asked the moustached prick twice, TWICE for the fucken confirmation; she calls him, and the talk French and I know its about me but it's too fast and I'm too tired, but I'd rip her tits off if we were in Italy (vacca stronza), so she finally gets her ass in gear and gets me a room but before that she says: "My collegue, told me that this hotel was too expensive for you that is why you went to IBIS fotre-dereir", I swear if it wasn't true I would have kniffed the bitch. But I said, "yes, until I saw that I needed to mountain trek to the god-forsaken hotel to get there and I have too many bags", I think I said "valises" no less. So she finally gets the shit together, and I had asked her collegue earliar an asked her before too, when can I get into my hotel room, because I really needed to wash the Czech republic and the strip club/strippers off me, there's your answer Amanda, nice people Czech strippers. She had told me the earliest I could get in was 11 because their policy is 11:30 blah blah once the sow asked me for my 93 Euros, I polietly handed them to her and said, so I can go in at 11, and she looks at me in exasperation and says "go, now" like I've worn her down. Well, I fucken jumped on that like a fat kid on a red smartie and off I was to shower Prague off my body...although the truth be told I'll take Prague stripper sweat to Parisean pleasantries any day of the week. And now, I am in Paris, not Paris Hilton, or the hotel of the same name, but the actual city. I decided even with this slight fever that I have,( I took my last two advil to get here, I took it with a sense of pride, I finished a bottle of Advil on my 2 months in Europe)and I helped an Scottish/Irish couple with 3 kids and a shit load of luggage on and off the train, and I felt like I finally did something good for someone in Europe.


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