Thursday, April 27, 2006

$$$$+Sweat=Help for Charity

Here is the deal.
I'm riding in Giro Toronto a Charitable Bike Ride which will take place one month from today.

On Sunday May 28th I will ride 70 km, to raise money for
Villa Charities, "helping old people feel less old"
(OK that's really my slogan not their's but it kinda sums up part of what they do.)

I'm close to my goal but would appreciate any donations that you or any interested parties you might know would like to contribute to this worthy cause.

1. Go to or Click HERE
Click on Support a Rider.
3. Then type my first name MARCO in the space provided
4. Then type my last name TIMPANO in the space provided
5. Donate whatever you can even $5 bucks will go along way!

Thank you for your donations!
Villa Charities Thanks you.


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